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Mr. D. Upton's '37 Dodge. Enameled emblem restoration by Emblemagic.

click to see more photos of this '52 Studebaker

Mr. J. Irwin's '52 Studebaker. Plastic insert emblem reproduction by Emblemagic.

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Emblem Collecting Part II

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Product guarantees



Emblemagic is for sale!

enamel emblems

It is a privately owned, sole proprietorship that has been in the business of reproducing, restoring and stocking classic and collectible car emblems for the past 25 yrs.  Business will continue, uninterrupted, into the foreseeable future.  The business includes the websites, all stock, tooling and equipment.  There are written illustrated guides for reproduction and restoration training purposes.  If you are interested, use the contact us link.

No New Reproductions!

Unless the emblem is already listed in our catalog, either online or in our printed listing, we won't be adding any new plastic reproductions to our list, effective immediately.
We regret that we are too back-logged to continue this service for the time being. See here for details.

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On emblems in stock

There is our 100% satisfaction guarantee, or simply return the emblem within 10 days (in the same condition) for a complete refund. This guarantee also applies to emblems that are on our price list, but are not in stock when the order is placed, and are therefore custom made. Exceptions: Custom colors, slight variations in non-standard colors* on emblems that are custom made.

On plastic emblem reproductions

On the hand crafted polyurethane reproductions, there is no further warranty expressed or implied beyond the money back guarantee. The plastic emblem reproductions are basically prototype handcrafted castings and can not be subjected to extremes in temperature or extended exposure to sunlight. On new reproductions the satisfaction guarantee does not refund the initial deposit and the pattern emblem becomes the property of Emblemagic.

On the factory made emblems there is also a 1 yr. replacement guarantee. Factory made emblems are noted in the catalog pages. There is no further guarantee beyond the first replacement emblem.

On restoration of customer emblems

whether plastic or enameled, there is no guarantee.  Emblemagic will not be held liable for restorations that do not equal expectation or for damage** resulting from restoration. Restorations are done at the customer's own risk.


When returning an emblem under the money back guarantee, please give a reason for your non-acceptance. This type of feedback helps us to improve quality, and will not jeopardize your refund in any way.

* Colors that are used on only 1 particular emblem.  These are usually unusual shades of red, orange, blue etc. Standard colors are chrome, gold, black, white, reflective red and blue, and silver. Some other standard colors are used on emblems throughout a certain make's emblems.
** Damage that causes the emblem to become unusable.  Damage is always unforeseen, and represents a very slight risk, but it must be mentioned as a precaution.

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