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Mr. D. Upton's '37 Dodge. Enameled emblem restoration by Emblemagic.

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Mr. J. Irwin's '52 Studebaker. Plastic insert emblem reproduction by Emblemagic.

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Reproduction Plastic Insert Emblems (this service is temporarily suspended until further notice*)

emblem showing lots of cracks  Restoration on a plastic insert emblem cannot remove the cracking or crazing visible inside the plastic material, and in fact, will sometimes aggravate the situation.  (see in the shop) Restoration may help on an emblem that has merely lost some of its coloring . In general, reproduction is a better alternative to restoration on a plastic insert emblem. The cost  and turnaround is the same either way.

Reproduction of a plastic insert emblem must always start with a good original emblem. This means that the part should be whole, without warpage, or other severe defects to the plastic itself. Internal cracking or crazing, as well as minor chipping, or loss of color in the original part, will usually make a satisfactory pattern.  Our process begins by first stripping all coatings from the pattern, followed by a general cleaning and polishing. The nicer the pattern emblem, the nicer the reproduction.  The mold that is created from this pattern will pick up every detail, no matter how minute.  But this includes any defects that were present as well. Next the part is cast in polyurethane plastic.  And finally the part is colored and plated to match the original emblem.  All of this work is done by hand, in a slow, painstaking process, unlike the original mass produced emblem. The result is virtually an exact replica.  Of course on very close inspection, some evidence of its hand made nature may be noticed when compared side by side with an original N.O.S.  But on the car, it is very doubtful that anyone, including the most scrupulous concourse judge, would ever notice the difference.

Cost and turn around

Turn around time on a new reproduction is usually about 16 weeks. There is usually no minimum order required. However, in pattern emblems of questionable quality, a minimum order may be required. Size is the principal factor affecting cost, but complexity and potential for sales may also contribute to the equation.  Our price list can give you a good idea of the approximate cost, if your emblem is similar to one in size and pattern. The original pattern emblem becomes the property of Emblemagic, unless it is to be restored as part of the order.

What to do next

    When you are ready to have your emblem restored,  it would be a good idea to call first.  We can give you a "ball park" idea of the cost and let you know how the turn around is shaping up.  Pack the emblem properly in a box, not a padded envelope.  If you are shipping UPS, we can give you the shipping address when you call, or send it to our Post Office Box.  If you insure your package for at least $100.00 you will get a tracking number for your package (just like UPS).  Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached during business hours.  Upon receipt, we will call you with your quote.  It's that simple!

* Note: Although we have suspended new reproductions, if you have a good quality plastic insert; (plastic is sound and uncracked,) then we may be able to restore your original.  It is not usually preferred, as the restoration of old plastic is NOT guaranteed, yet it takes just as long and costs just as much as making a new reproduction.  Call for further details.

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