Hand crafted Pontiac plastic emblems

Click on a picture for a larger view. The color scheme on the emblem in the picture can be changed at no extra cost at the time the order is placed. Click on the part numbers for stock availability. (Cookies must be allowed.) All prices are per emblem unless otherwise noted. Prices are guaranteed on the lookup form only. Please let us know if you find a discrepancy between a lookup form price and a price shown in the list below.

'50 Pontiac steering wheel car emblem 1950 Pontiac Steering wheel plastic emblem insert 175.00 C50PC16
'50 Pontiac grille car emblem 1950 Pontiac Front grille plastic emblem insert 250.00 C50PC17
'52 Pontiac glove box car emblem 1952 Pontiac Glove box plastic emblem insert 200.00 C52PC131
'53 Pontiac trunk car emblem 1953 Pontiac Trunk plastic emblem insert (spells Pontiac) 225.00 C53PC126
'54 Pontiac steering wheel hub car emblem 1953-4 Pontiac Steering Wheel hub plastic emblem, clear dome only. (complete assembly is pictured) 125.00 C54PC194
'54 Pontiac hood car emblem 1954 Pontiac Hood plastic emblem insert 250.00 C54PC36
1954 Pontiac Trunk emblem with keyhole new1954 Pontiac Trunk emblem with keyhole 250.00 C54PC37
1959 Pontiac hood insert emblem  new1959 Pontiac Hood emblem insert. 225.00 C59PC261
1959 pontiac trunk emblem insert  new1959 Pontiac Bonneville Trunk emblem insert. 200.00 C59PC259
'64 Pontiac steering wheel car emblem 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix, GTO Accessory Sport Steering Wheel hub plastic emblem 200.00 C64PC219
'68 Pontiac Firebird steering wheel hub car emblem 1968 Pontiac Firebird Steering wheel hub plastic emblem insert 200.00 C68PC159
n/p 1970 Pontiac Firebird hood eagle plastic emblem insert 225.00 C70PC92
'71 Pontiac Firebird nose car emblem 1971 Pontiac Firebird nose bird plastic emblem insert 225.00 C70PC164
'73 Pontiac Grand Am Nose car emblem 1973 Pontiac Grand Am Nose plastic emblem 175.00 C73PC224
'76 Pontiac Grand Prix hood ornament car emblem 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix 50th Anniversary Hood ornament and trunk plastic emblem inserts (3 for $395, 2 for $300) 175.00 C76PC183


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